Lake Tahoe Backcountry Camping

There aren’t a lot of pins on this map showing the Lake Tahoe backcountry camping opportunities.

But don’t worry, you can consider the blue line – the Tahoe Rim Trail – a 165-mile long campsite.  You can camp almost anywhere within 300 feet of the trail corridor.  Read about the exceptions and other rules here.

Desolation Wilderness is the largest and most beautiful area, but permits are required year-round and can be difficult to get in the summer when they have a zone quota system.  Information on Desolation Wilderness permits & rules.

Mt. Rose Wilderness & Granite Chief Wilderness don’t require permits and have plenty of dispersed camping opportunities year-round.

Spooner Backcountry has three small established campsites.  They are walk-up sites only and camping is not allowed anywhere else in the Backcountry.

Check the respective pages for trailhead locations.

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